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Qml video wmfengine trouble

  • hi,
    i need to display video in my windows qml application. it works with directshow (but i need to use coreavc to display video on seven ... the directshow native plugins don't works)... so i wants to use wmfengine that use windows media foundation .. it works but :

    • there is a crash at the end : easy ! supportedformatschange is called when setting surface at null at the end (so i add a check)

    @ {
    QMutexLocker locker(&m_mutex);
    if(m_surface==NULL) return;
    QListQVideoFrame::PixelFormat formats = m_surface->supportedPixelFormats();

    no it play fine, bu when releasing it take a few seconds !!! and i have the following console message : session close time out!

    is there anyone using this plugins with success ?

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