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KeyReleaseEvent() not picked up after opening file chooser with shortcut Ctrl+O

  • Hello,

    I have implemented a Ctrl+wheelEvent for a zoom action on a QGraphicsView. I manage this by picking up the keyPressEvent(), set a self.ctrl = True value and on keyReleaseEvent() I set the self.ctrl = False.

    It works correctly except when I open the file chooser with Ctrl+O, in which case the keyPressEvent() is picked up, but the keyReleaseEvent() is not. Because of this the self.ctrl remains True and a wheelEvent alone is then able to activate the zoom action without the Ctrl key being pressed.

    I work around this by setting the self.ctrl value to False right after the file chooser has done its job, but I find this an ugly way to solve the issue.

    So did I implement this the wrong way? What's the best practice? Thanks.

  • Hi Benjamin :)

    You can use
    if (event->modifiers() & Qt::ShiftModifier) {
    // Shift is pressed

    in your wheelEvent.

  • Oh, you would obviously want to use
    event->modifiers() & Qt::ControlModifier


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