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Recipe linkandpostlink failed with exit code 2

  • Hey

    I am running my Qt application on my symbian device and the "recipe linkandpostlink with exit code 2" is coming up. Due to this my .sis file is not getting updated at all, even after changing the code in the Qt application. How do i get over this error???

  • I can imagine 2 reasons. Since the linking fails, this means that it can't find the binaries of some library that you are using. Or you should define the usage of the specific library by writing in the .pro file in the symbian brackets something like:
    LIBS += -lmylibrary

    Also it could be because of the capabilities specified for the Symbian target. Maybe you are defining to self-sign your .sis file but at the same time you have set capabilities that can't be self-signed.

  • Hey thanks a lot. it was the sis file problem. i fixed it by going for a custom certificate option and downloading the certificate from the symbian signed website. But even though it doesnt give any compile errors, it still says when i am installing on the device that certificate not approved. Why this?

  • I have never used a certificate so it would be better others to help you on this.


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