OSX: Proxy detection when set to "auto discovery" ? [solved]

  • Hi,

    QNetworkProxyFactory::setUseSystemConfiguration(true) works perfectly well on Windows, but on OS X it does not detect proxy when the proxy parameters are set to "auto-discovery".
    So if one of my customers use the app on OSX behind a proxy, I'm unable to connect to the internet with a QWebView (unless the user manually enters the proxy parameters in my app).

    I tried listing the proxies using QNetworkProxyQuery but it doesnt work when the system is set to auto-discovery...

    Any suggestions ? (either using Qt, OSX libraries or command line)

  • auto-reply: request http://wpad/wpad.dat and parse this file as a PAC file using pacparser.

  • Thanks for letting us know you have solved it.

    Could you please edit your title in the first post and add [solved] to it. So others will know without opening the post it’s already solved. Thanks.

  • Hi! Do you think my error is somewhat similar to yours?


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