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QToolTip::show problem

  • hi please check this and help me . tnx alot
    my qt library is 4.8.1 vs2008 sp1

    #ifndef FORM_H
    #define FORM_H

    #include <QtGui>

    class form : public QWidget
    explicit form(QWidget *parent = 0);

    private slots:
    void onbtnclick();

    QLineEdit *l;
    QPushButton *b;

    #endif // FORM_H

    #include "form.h"

    form::form(QWidget *parent) :
    QVBoxLayout *lay = new QVBoxLayout( this );

    l = new QLineEdit;
    b = new QPushButton;
    lay->addWidget( l );
    lay->addWidget( b );
    connect(b, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(onbtnclick()));


    void form::onbtnclick()
    QToolTip::showText(l->pos(), "sometext", l);

    #include "form.h"

    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    QApplication app( argc, argv );

    form f;;
    return app.exec&#40;&#41;;


    i want tooltip display for lineedit but display in other region and out of my widget !!!!

  • Try:

    instead of your line in "onbtnclick()"

  • i know but i want this instead of setToolTip ! please guide me with QToolTip::show static function

  • Okay sorry, I didn't understand your initial question. Just to clarify, you want to display a tooltip - and define its position. The first argument in showText() defines the point of interest, not the point of display, so i don't think you can achieve your goal using that function. Have you thought of creating a label widget to look just like a tooltip and using a hover event to trigger it?

  • ok know please help me how can i do this ? in my example please help me.

  • Read the "QHoverEvent Doc": and once you set up your hover signal, create a slot that shows your custom tooltip.

  • i read your link and i really tnx you but i cant understand how to use of hover ! if you can please show me with a very very simple example . very very tnx

  • According to "QToolTip::showText": docs, ...

    bq. Shows text as a tool tip, with the global position pos as the point of interest

    So you need to map widget coordinates to global : "QWidget::mapToGlobal":

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