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[self SOLVED]using QTest::qExec() with parameters

  • In "QTestLib Manual": it is specified that along with the test classes we can also specify some arguments like -functions , -xml etc. But how can we specity the same argument list if we run the test using

    @QTest::qExec(testClass,argument). @

    I need to store the list of functions in a testClass in a QStringList. I am able to use the arguments/parameters while running my test class through command prompt like testClass.exe -functions that returns the function list.

  • Finally after doing some search and thinking I am able to run QTest::qExec() with parameters. I am able to save the test results in different files both in .txt format as well as xml format.

    I got the following code working for my requirements

    For output as a file

    @QStringList testCmd;
    QDir testLogDir;
    testCmd<<" "<<"-o" <<"UnitTest_Results/test_log.txt";

    For xml output:

    @testCmd<<" "<<"-xml" <<"-o" <<"UnitTest_Results/test_log.xml";

    The above code is just for running a single testClass. But i am running multiple testClasses and writing the test output to the respective files.

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