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QT5 mouse Plugin not loading with qtwebkit

  • I have cross compiled QT5 for MIPS based embedded platform. There is no pointer device. Hence created "Socket based" pointer device by modifying the evdevmouse plugin and it is working.

    But when I try to run "QtWebkit", it never tries to search or load this plugin. I am not sure what is the difference. (It loads image/ eglfs etc other plugins except this).

    if I copy the plugin into other folder (Like platfrom), then the IID search criteria fails and "key" field will be empty and hence do not work. I am not sure if I am making some mistake.

    Can any one suggest way to go around?

  • What exactly do you mean by running "QtWebkit"? Just some regular application that uses QtWebkit, launched with the command-line parameter -plugin EvdevMouse? Try launching it with QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 set and see if there is something useful in the logs. (it should tell if the plug-in is loaded properly or not)

  • Sorry for confusion. QtWebkit was QtTestBrowser.
    Finally I found the reason.

    Due to some changes which we had done in the application, there was small corruption in argv, and hence it was not finding "-plugin" properly.

    As suggested I enabled the QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS, and found that it was not trying to load that at all and then found the reason.

    Thanks for the help .

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