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Running a qt application on a nokia e72

  • hey, i am trying to run my qt application on a nokia e72 device. these are the following steps i followed after developing gthe application on the qt:

    1. made the essential build settings
    2. took a UID from symbian signed
    3. updated this UID on the .pro filein my application
    4. deleted the present signature
    5. submitted the application_installer.sis file in the symbian signed portal.
    6. downloaded the sis file i received
    7. updated the certificate
    8. copied the sis file on my device
    9. opened the sis file from device

    There are no errors on the installation starts, asks for a security warning(as the app is self signed when it was developed in qt) but at the last step it displays "Device not supported." Even during the beginning it says that "content not supported, continue anyway?" Why i am i not able to run my application on my device?

  • I found out the answer to this, i was using Qt version 4.7 for development purposes but i guess that won't work on an e72 as it has s60 version 3 installed. i will be switching to Qt version 4.6.3 such that my application is executable on E72. I read that nokia will soon have qt apps for s40 phones. Any chance when is that gonna start?

  • And it still won't work.

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