Qt embedded console commands request and reply

  • I'm using Qt embedded on linux.
    From the console (serial console) I use the following command to get status on my ppp:

    /etc/rc.d/S09pppd status

    The ppp will reply with "pppd running" or "pppd not running"

    I would like to execute this request from my Qt application and read the reply from my Qt application.

    How can I do this?

  • So I execute the command with a QProcess for example:

    @QProcess qpCommand;

    qpCommand.execute("/etc/rc.d/S09pppd status");@

    which is creating the desired effect.

    Now how do I read the response?

  • @qpCommand.readData(char * data, qint64 maxlen)@

  • But readData is a protected function?

  • QProcess::execute() is a static method. It does not return any output of the started command/executable. You will have to use the non-static methods in order to ready any data.

    QProcess p;
    p.start("/etc/rc.d/S09pppd status");
    p.waitForFinished(); // blocks!
    QByteArray output = p.readAllStandardOutput();

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