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XRC files editing

  • So - I an looking for an editor for Wysiwyg editing of XRC files. Is there a plugin available?
    If not, I would love to create one, but there is no documentation around that :(
    Or is that too much to shoot for a first-time-plugin-developer?


    Caveat Emptor: Complete QT and Linux programming n00b here.

  • Do you mean wxWidgets resource files?
    If yes, you can find information about this format here:

  • Yes - those resource files. I was planning to work on an open source project. But it so happens that the said projects uses these resource files and its tough to edit them by hand.

    I was wondering if someone had already created a drag and drop editor (wysiwyg) for qt creator. I think no one has.

    which brings me to the second task - should i create an editor plugin for QT to achieve that functionality. Not sure how easy/difficult it will be.

  • Mmm... I think you are confused.
    Qt Creator not work with XRC files because this files are wxWidgets resource files.
    Qt resource files has extension qrc and Qt Creator worked with it very good.

  • Apologies - I am working on a wxWidgets project (using the autotools plugin in Qt Creator). So they are xrc files indeed. But no worries - I found the xrcEd tool to modify them independently.

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