Font Size Problem on Qt 4.7 on ARM Linux Platform

  • Hi,
    I'm developing with QtCreator/QtDesigner and Qt 4.7 on a Linux PC and I'm cross compiling for an ARM board.
    On the Qt application that runs on the ARM board I need some QLabels with large fonts (I set to 48pt on the QtDesigner), but when I load the executable on the ARM board those fonts are not as large as I see them on the QtDesigner interface (and on my Linux PC), and even if I set a bigger font size, when I run the application on the board, the fonts have always the same size (as if it were reached a maximum font size or as if the font does not support that size).

    I've tried different ways of setting the font size:

    • using CSS with font-size: 48pt;
    • using font.setPointSize(48); and ui->label->setFont(font);

    but none of these have worked.

    Any help/suggestions are appreciated.
    Thank you for your help.

  • I've seen a similar issue, and found a workaround that worked for me. I only need a single font for this application, so I've removed all fonts, but the one I'm using in the "/usr/lib/fonts/" directory. This worked for me with the helvetica_240_75.qpf font file.

  • Have you tried setting a pixelSize to check if there are bigger fonts possible at all (font.setPixelSize(70))?


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