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Ubuntu qt app gui style

  • In the beginning I have installed Qt from ubuntu software center. The gui style of my app was ok. I don't want to deploy my app as shared version so I compiled Qt as static from source. Now, the problem is the gui style of my app. The app menu isn't global anymore. The menu hilight shows a blue color instead the orange one. I want the ubuntu default look back. Are there any additional Qt configure options needed?

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    Ubuntu ships a customized version of Qt. AFAIK they have not send their patches upstream to Qt yet (or they are not merged yet).

    You will need to grab the patches from ubuntu, apply them and then build. (you will need to update the url when ubuntu updates its packages) contains all the ubuntu-specific stuff incl. the build instructions and the patches they use.

  • Thank you. I have applied the patch with quilt. But the make process isn't successful anymore. After 15 minutes it crashes.

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