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Problem with nokia E66 and 6710

  • Hi,

    I am using the new release of QtMobility 1.1.0, and it's works fine on the nokia N85.
    But when I test on the E66 and 6710 generates an fault and the application don't runs.
    Detail, I use the QCamera example that came inside of QtMobility. The package is self-signed.

    Someone knows if there is some devices are not supported by QtMobility?


  • e66 is not supported I think. It runs v3 without feature packs, isn't it?
    Qt is supported by v3 started from fp1.

  • tamhanna, oops, yes. Mixed it up with e65.

  • Thanks,

    I just knew that qt is supported on E66 anda 6710. I already made some applications with Qt + E66 and 6710. The problema is with QtMobility.

    For while I am still using CameraWrapper, but I realy desire to use the QCamera class.
    I will try Forum Nokia.

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