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Did anybody used virtual keyboard with TextInput ?

  • Did anybody used virtual keyboard with TextInput ?

  • Have a try with TextField. I also have worries with textinput : vkb appears but stays active when it shouldn't.
    i'm still investigating the cause...

  • Did you succeeded to use sendEvent with keyevent to the QML TextInput ?

  • No, i haven't used sendevent.

    QML TextField is an implementation of TextInput. You could have a look at the source to discover how they use it there.

    Btw your question is rather general. If you show what you tried already, it would be easier for others to help you.

  • I created a virtual keyboard (Qt C++) which use QCoreApplication::sendEvent().
    When i send QKeyEvent to some QML item the return value of QCoreApplication::sendEvent() is false and the QML item does not receive that event.

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