Map QTextCursor to item coordinates in QGraphicsTextItem

  • Hello.
    I am using a QGraphicsScene with multiple QGraphicsTextItems. Sometimes I need to know where a QTextCursor is in terms of item coordinates. I use the following code to get the document coordinates.

    QTextCursor cursor = textCursor();
    QTextBlock block = cursor.block();
    int p = cursor.position();
    QTextLine line = block.layout()->lineForTextPosition(p);
    if (!line.isValid())
    return block.layout()->position();
    return QPointF(line.cursorToX(p), line.y() + line.height());

    Now my problem is that the document is not exactly aligned with the QGraphicsTextItem. There are a couple of pixels of margin around the document, and I do not know how many. I could of course try to measure them, but that would only give me the values for my particular setup, and I would prefer the program to look nice on every system. Is there a way to find out the position of the document in the item?

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