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Symbian Belle: heap increased, still crash after malloc

  • Hi,
    WinXP, SDK 2.4.1, Qt 4.7.4
    Nokia E7 Symbian Belle.
    After debugging for 1.5 day: debugger keeps crashing, SDK likes to join the crash and the app cannot be killed on the E7-Belle (need to reset).
    So, now I am inserting qWanings to see where it crahes.
    First I do a malloc(4,194,304) for GLubyte(s).
    Then, after accessing appr. 4,190,000th position in the array it crashes.
    Setting TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 8000000 16000000 (and up 64M) in the .pro does not help.
    App works fine in the Linux N8 QtSimulator.
    Is there a kind of absolute max on the Symbian heap?

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