Low Battery

  • Hi All

    In my QT dialog application I need to show low battery information.
    As soon as battery low I need to display low battery Icon in my application
    How do I get this information in my program.

    thanks in advance

  • Clear enough?:
    In .h file:
    @Q_PROPERTY(int batteryLevel READ batteryLevel WRITE setBatteryLevel NOTIFY charging)@

    And somewhere in class constructor
    @si = new QSystemDeviceInfo(this);@
    int myClass::getBattery()
    return m_batteryLevel;
    [Edit: Code formatting; mlong]

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    Here is the documentation of the QSystemDeviceInfo class: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.0-tp/qsystemdeviceinfo.html

    I would just use that class directly in favor of using the code suggested earlier.

  • In my application I am getting

    • error: QSystemDeviceInfo: No such file or directory*

    I have included QSystemDeviceInfo in my header file

    @#include <QSystemDeviceInfo>@

  • I do @#include <QSystemDeviceInfo>@

    twice - in header and in .cpp file.
    Be sure to have correct .pro file:
    @CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY += systeminfo @

    Learn the basis!

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