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[Solved] Cannot build an app for desktop

  • Hi everyone!

    I've installed a Qt SDK 1.0.1 and created a simple (empty, actually) GUI application. The project wizard said that this option is for desktop applications, but I can't compile the app for desktop (Windows). I went to project settings and created a target for a desktop, but it doesn't work because there's no path to qmake stored in environment variables. What should I install and set up to be able to build apps for a desktop?


  • [quote author="Kopfschmerzen" date="1289414357"]I’ve installed a Qt SDK 1.0.1 and created a simple (empty, actually) GUI application.

    I think you have installed the Nokia SDK 1.0.1. To compile on desktop, you would also need to install the Qt libraries (4.7.1 is the latest, requires MinGW preinstalled)

  • Seems like you're right. That's confusing! There are "Qt libraries 4.7.1 for Windows (minGW 4.4, 319 MB)" available to download. May I simply install it after the SDK? I mean, will it work automatically, or do I need to reinstall everything in particular order?

  • no you can install it later, and then from the Creator installed via the Nokia SDK you can then select which Qt version you want to use by ... Tools->Options->Qt4

    you just have to point the qmake location (this is your <4.7.1 folder>\bin\qmake.exe
    and the location to MinGW directory. MinGW is not shipped with Qt 4.7.1 libraries

    Do you have Qt SDK 4.7.0 installed earlier? In that case the MinGW is also installed and the directory is already available there.
    Else for starters, its easier to just install the Qt SDK from "here": and later try 4.7.1

  • I just installed 4.7.1, set a path to the qmake and it did the trick. Thank you!

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