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What means "Don`t resolve symlinks" (QFileDialog::DontResolveSymlinks)?

  • When using the function

    @QString QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory ( QWidget * parent = 0, const QString & caption = QString(), const QString & dir = QString(), Options options = ShowDirsOnly )@

    I can use the option parameter @QFileDialog::DontResolveSymlinks@ like

    @QString dir = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(this, tr("Open Directory"),
    | QFileDialog::DontResolveSymlinks);@

    What does @QFileDialog::DontResolveSymlinks@ mean? I am german and I could not find a good translation for this :)).

  • If this is checked, symlinks won't be resolved. So if you have:
    dir1 -> ../
    dir2 -> dir3
    dir4 -> dir5

    If this would be resolved, it will give you ../dir3/dir5
    But if this is set to true, these symlinks won't be resolved.

    What are symlinks (symbolic links)? You can find more about them here: "Symbolic Links Wiki":

    I don't really know if I'm right with this though.

  • Ok, as far as I understand now a symlink (symbolic link) is a kind of connection that when clicked "activates/opens" another file/directory etc. . In the above described case of yours opening dir2 opens dir3, dir4 opens dir5. When setting @QFileDialog::DontResolveSymlinks@ those connections won`t work. Right? greetings

  • I idd think it is something like this, but please don't take me on my words.

    I have never worked with this kind of linking.

  • xD, ok so I better wait until someone who knows this affirms your thoughts. :))

  • That is an option, or you can try to put something together yourself and see what it does. Always lots of fun ;)

    But you can wait for someone more experienced on this topic.

  • Oh, I already have put everything together - means my project is finished :)). Just have to make clear some questions that are left. thx for the support anyway :D

  • No problem. That's why these forums exists ;)

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