QAudioInput -- windows qt 4.7/4.8 - broken over 48000 hz

  • I've debugged, looked at source, and basically, qt won't let you open a qaudioinput over 48000 hz under windows. Works fine in OSX

    The class is named as private, and the routine itself is declared as private ( bool QAudioInputPrivate::open() ), then declared under private: in the header file.

    I don't know too much about c++, I'm a c guy who is learning.

    Can I subclass QAudioInput and replace the open() function with one that is written to handle 96 khz?

    Or does the declaration of private prevent that?

    Do I need to build my own standalone QAudioInput or rework the multimedia lib source just so that windows works as well as OSX? Or can I just replace the busted part,as (I hope) the whole idea of subclassing was meant to accomplish?



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