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How to build communi?

  • I am having trouble building communi on my machine. Is there a documentaiton on how to build communi? I tried communi-communi-1.0 and also communi-communi-master.

    I am using windows 7 and installed Qt 4.7 SDK for qmake. when I run on command line ->qmake -r -config release in the root directory of communi-communi-master\communi-communi, it reads all the pro files in the sub directory and then I got this error message.

    Project MESSAGE: Warning: unknown QT: widgets

    If I run qmake -r -config release in communi-communi-1.0\communi-communi, there is no error message but it does not build anything, i.e all the release directory are empty after this command returns. Here is the output:

    C:\Qt\communi-communi-1.0\communi-communi>qmake -r -config release
    Project MESSAGE: Building Communi 1.0.0
    Project MESSAGE: ICU support disabled.
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/src/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/plugins/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/plugins/declarative/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/examples/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/examples/bot/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/examples/desktop/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/irccommand/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/ircencoder/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/ircmessage/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/ircparser/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/ircsender/
    Reading C:/Qt/communi-communi-1.0/communi-communi/tests/auto/ircsession/


    I just need a version of communi to build so I can see how the library works. Any help is appreciated.

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    QtWidgets is the newly created module in Qt5 (which is currently in alpha stage). Check the .pro file, if there is a line that has something like:
    QT += core gui widgets

    Then - most probably - the project you try to compile requires Qt5. I don't know what communi is, though.

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