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Trying to make a 360 viewer w/QMovie

  • Hi,
    I am trying to make a 360 viewer using an animated gif and a QMovie. It all is looked good except there is about a 2 second delay before my movie starts. What is suppose to happen is when I run my finger across the QMovie it rotates. Well that works. Except I have to wait 2 seconds before the movie starts working. I cache the QMovie and I jump to eash frame as needed to support a spinning object. I never just run the movie.

    I have a feeling that the 2 second delay is for pulling in the gif animation from the external storage.

    Is there a way to force all the caching to take place as soon as I show the first frame?


  • Did you already experiment with "cacheMode": ?

  • The cache mode is turned on. Without it the QMovie would not go backwards. I believe it is set to cache all the frames of the animation. I did not see a way to force caching the frames before they were displayed.

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