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Advice on approach needed QML GridView [SOLVED]

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    So basically task is to make Icon arrangement in GridView similar to the one in N9: user press and hold, the icon he pressed becomes draggable while the rest icons are faded, upon release if the icon being dragged moves to a new grid = GridView indexes are updated accordingly and the icon we dragged takes new position.

    The way I see it being implemented is as follows:
    -> upon press and hold (MouseArea,onPressAndHold) the MouseArea becomes true
    -> then we start checking Mouse position changes
    -> each Grid slot then has its center position Mouse coordinates
    -> Upon dragged icon released if released mouse coordinates are in proximity of such Grid slot center position => we change index of dragged icon to the index of the icon which was previously occupying that slot

    So question is - is that optimal??

  • Sorry - SOLVED of course...

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