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Metro Ui using c++

  • I wonder why can't we make metro ui using c++,can't we make this enhancement to the Widgets module by adding metro widgets....if not what will be the constraints?? is it the core of Qt or the existing paint engine that is making it difficult to make the new metro ui using c++...or c++ metro ui will simply be not appropriate for small memory and processing systems.

    I don't really know much about how Qt paint engine works...but if we had for example a metro button widget whose colour can be controlled by a property and metro background widget that can set the given text over itself anywhere and other stuff too.can't the metro widgets (classes) be given such access that they change their appearance through properties or just some function calls.

    yes we already have Qml for this stuff but why should we stick to one option why not try other things,we(Qt community and developers) have given the Widgets module the done status but i don't think its even near to done its getting out of date if not yet, soon it will be,(as far as Ui of the widgets module is concerned)we should try to make its Ui up to date..

    Let me know if my idea and thinking is simply not practical or we don't need the metro Ui capability in Widgets because we can do it other ways around..or you can tell me all my thinking was nonsense.. i will not mind it, i will learn from your plz have a word on this ..

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    You can subclass QWidget and allow properties to change colors and such by implementing the appropriate behaviors in the properties' setters. I haven't much experience with Metro UI, so I can't speak to the specifics of the UI itself, but tying actions to properties in QWidget isn't that much of a stretch at it's core.

  • There is a public Nokia project about "Qt on Metro UI":

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