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IntelliSense behaviour in a QTextEdit...

  • Hello Everyone :-)

    I have a QTextEdit with syntax highlighting that works as a dream with QtScript code, so now I need some sort of IntelliSense support for my code in that widget...

    So, before I jump into this, I just want to check if someone knows what is the best solution available?

    Of course, in a perfect world, QtScript had it's own IntelliSense enabled text edit widget :-)

    Thanks & regards,

  • I haven't personally used it, but QCompleter looks like the place to start looking.

  • Hi

    I didn't know about this class, so many thanks - this looks like exactly what I needed :-) Will check this out later today...

    Have a nice weekend !

  • A little side note: It's called Auto Completion. "IntelliSense" is just Microsoft® BullshitBingo™.

  • LOL, I know.... and also known as "smart code completion" :-)

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