Noisy Touchscreen

  • I have a touchscreen here which works great when I use a nail or hard object, you see that the calibration worked great and can draw pretty fine lines.
    But when I use my finger flat on the display it goes crasy, the cursor crosses almost the entire screen. It to much to use a decent filter.
    Anyone ever seen this?

    I use a SAM9RL64 controller and touchscreen is connected by its pherifial.

  • I've made a video op my problem:

  • Do you work with QT or with QML ?

  • It looks like you are not using a touch controller. So you have to filer the events by your self. We have a FPGA for doing this.
    If you are using a touch controller you should check the raw data from the input device or check the possibilities of the tslib.

  • Ik work with QT.

    I'm using the touchcontroller inside the AT91SAM9RL64 ARM. For this the atmel_tsadcc.c driver is used.

    Tried a lot, but can't really figure out where the problem is, the hardware, the driver or tslib.
    The manufactur of the display say they don't have the problems with the display's running their own non-linux software. So problaby it's something in the driver.

  • Could it be a calibration issue? Have you used ts_calibrate in tslib?

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