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Not work QFtp::put()

  • does not work with the server command put Varftpd why?

  • I guess you need to elaborate a bit more on what your problem is. Possibly you may want to post a section of your code not working.

  • to another FTP server (vsftpd) is running.

  • in the "detailed section": 2 paragraph it says:
    [quote]This class provides a direct interface to FTP that allows you to have more control over the requests. However, for new applications, it is recommended to use QNetworkAccessManager and QNetworkReply, as those classes possess a simpler, yet more powerful API.
    AFAIK it is not implemented, but as the quote states, it is recommended to use QNetworkAccessManager anyhow. Furthermore, vsftpd is a Unix/Linux thing, so it might be never part of Qt when it cannot be used cross-platforms.

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