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Solution for QTBUG-15485(QFont::setPixelSize: Pixel size <= 0 (0))?

  • I am trying to open a url using QWebView but getting the below mentioned message in my application output window.
    QFont::setPixelSize: Pixel size <= 0 (0)

    URL is :-

    When I googled I came to know that it is already existing bug in Qt, but status is unresolved.
    Can anybody throw more light on this issue, any workaround etc.....

    Edit: a single questionmark does just fine in the title; Andre

  • Well QWebView calls setPixelSize(0) occasionally (maybe dependant on the provided web-page) and QFont emits a warning if that happens. There's not really more to it. You could either live with the warning, fix QWebKit or fix QFont, or wait for someone to fix it for you (e.g. revive the bugreport and support the developers in fixing it/reproducing).

  • Thanks for your suggestion. But as you said there is not really more to it, but I am not getting my webpage displayed at all. Its simply not just a warning message for me , my stuff is not working might be because of this. I have given URL also in my first post.

    Please throw more light on this , if you know any workaround in this regard.

  • Well when I load that page with QWebView i get the warning debug output, too, but the website loads normally and looks identically to that displyed with firefox (excluding the embedded flash video, of course).

  • Thats the problem.....not only website , the flash video content should also play with it.
    for an example take the url of any youtube video, load it through the QWebView you will get the flash video as well, but here it is excluded.

    Do you suspect this is happening because of QFont set pixel(). If not any idea how to make it work?

  • Try to compare the HTML-code for the embedded video of youtube and that website. Maybe get the code from your QWebView and from firefox, to find out whether they differ (maybe the video website doesn't want non-standard browsers to see the video due to copyright-assholery).

  • Bit of a late reply here. A good solution comes up near the end of this thread:!topic/capybara-webkit/n1xMK0HnMWo

    qInstallMsgHandler allows you to intercept all Qt debug messages, of which this is one. I'm using QtWebKit in Python, so I set the handler with QtCore.qInstallMsgHandler.

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