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Update resize when changing button's title

  • Hi all,

    I defined a frame in which i i have inserted,by the way of the Qt designer, an Horizontal layout. It contains some radio buttons.
    In the constructor of the class frame, after the setupui, i change the text of the buttons but the width of the buttons remains the same than before the settext. I tried to force them using the update method on the radiobuttons but with no effect. I tried to use different properties for the horizontal sizePolicy but with no effect....
    Could someone explain me how the resize works and how to make my case working ?
    Thank you very much by advance.
    Best regards!

  • Did you check the maximum size value? Maybe that is restricting the expansion. Also some code to show how and in what order you do it would be helpful to fully understand what you did/try to do.

  • Actually, i have to precise to the frame whicl layout it has to use with SetLayout. The designer doesn't do it for us...

  • Thank you for your answer

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