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Put an item on the QGraphicsView

  • Hi,

    I've created via the designer a form with a qgraphicsview in it. Now in my constructor of the mainwindow I would like to place a image in the view, but nothing works. I thought I could do it with ui->nameofview->addPixmapItem but I can't?

    It's the first time it do this via the designer so what is wrong with?

    In my previous project I did it without the creator with this code:

    item = new QGraphicsPixmapItem( QPixmap::fromImage(worldImage));

    but this doens't work :s

    Kind regards,

  • Is the image linked well? I've seen a lot of threads where the filepaths aren't formed well.

  • Hi,
    You need to add a scene to your graphics view and then add the QGraphicsPixmapItem to the scene

    @scene = new QGraphicsScene(this);

    QImage worldImage("your image path");
    item = scene->addPixmap(QPixmap::fromImage(worldImage));@

    Where item is QGraphicsPixmapItem and scene is QGraphicsScene.

    Try If this works.

  • Jup forgot this because of the creator :-) thanks.

  • Yes this is very common mistake, even i got confused initially when using the graphicsView. Kindly Edit your first Post and mark it [SOLVED],

    Happy Coding !!!!

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