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[SOLVED] Undefined Linker Error LNK1117: The compiler seems to toss out lines of my PRO file.

  • I keep getting these error messages where the compiler appears to throw out the backslashes ending a bloc, and I'm unsure what I am doing wrong. Any input would be appreciated.

    If anyone else happens to stumble upon here while googling for the solution. It seems that my libraries have been included manually wrongly. Right-clicking anywhere in the PRO file and selecting Add Library seems to fix this.

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    A few things I notice offhand...

    • It's probably complaining about line 14 above, which uses backslashes instead of slashes.
    • qmake and the build chain are notoriously picky about having spaces in the path names
    • You have empty hyphens ending lines 14, 20, and 23

    Also make sure there are no trailing spaces after your line-ending backslashes.

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