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Playing mp3 in a loop using Phonon

  • I never use Phonon module in qt before. But now I have task to play mp3 file in infinite loop, till someone(I mean some Event, signal etc) stop it. I write the following code to play once:
    @m_mediaObject = new Phonon::MediaObject(this);
    m_audioOutput = new Phonon::AudioOutput(Phonon::NotificationCategory, this);

    Phonon::createPath(m_mediaObject, m_audioOutput);

    I can make signal-slot connection with some end-file signal and start to play file again but is there any Phonon native solution ?

  • I made the following : @ connect(m_mediaObject, SIGNAL(aboutToFinish()), this, SLOT(loopPlaying()));@
    and slot looks like this:
    Slots entered but nothing happens. If i replace enqueue by setCurentSource and Play all works but previous playing session don't reach it's end and interrupt. When I replace aboutToFinish signal by finished signal it even don't enters the slot.

  • I tried to execute this code on another PC and it's work as I planing. It plays in a loop. But on my PC it plays only one time. All my PC and other use Windows XP Sp3 but I installed K-Lite codec pack on my PC.

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