How to target OS X 10.5 and up ?

  • I need to deploy a small app that targets OS X 10.5 and up.
    I am on a 10.7 system, with XCode 4.2

    I need to target x86 in order to support 10.5. I can do universal binaries to support x86_64 as well, but that's not strictly necessary. I'd prefer Cocoa over Carbon (just because it's new), but no strong preference there either.

    I've read, in particular:

    bq. There are two versions of the Qt binary, one with x86 and x86_64 Cocoa and another with x86 and ppc Carbon. If you want a different setup you must build Qt yourself using the source package. To explicitly configure Qt to build for 34-bit or 64-bit architectures (or both), use the -arch flags (see Universal Binaries). For the Cocoa version, 64 bit is chosen by default.

    However, I have not been able to find universal binaries for download on the site? All the downloads offered on only provide x86_64 (QtSDK, or the Qt Libraries). This all seems in direct contradiction with what's stated on

    I hope I've missed something. Otherwise, what's my best option:

    • Go back to Qt 4.6.4 linked on I did confirm that those are universal binaries, but I can't use Qt Creator with it, and I need to install an older XCode apparently (3.2).
    • Try to compile Universal Binaries for 4.8 myself. Probably not worth the trouble.

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