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Resize layout and buttons contents

  • hello.
    I have a grid layout wit many buttons and this layout is in a docking window.
    I wish when i resize the window that the layout becomes small and the buttons in the layout become also more small

  • To do this thing, I think you should introduce your own @QPushButton@ derived custom widget.

    In constructor,

    • call @QWidget::setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Expanding, QSizePolicy::Expanding))@ to show it first time in a as best size as possible but fully expandable. (note: do not use QSizePolicy::Ignored. this will make button lost its best size).
    • call @QWidget::setMinimumSize(QSize(1,1))@ to be shrinkable.

    In overrided @virtual paintEvent(QPaintEvent* e)@,

    • get the best font size QFontMetricsF. search forum or google, you can find a example to get the best font size to fit a specific space.
    • draw the button text your own.

    That's it. If i were you , I'd not use text but use image which is easier to draw fully covered on widget area in this case.

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