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Accessibility features in Qt for Symbian

  • Hi!
    Qt contains accessibility features so that screen-readers can hook into the framework and present the screen contents for those who are blind or visually impaired.

    As a visually impaired user of Nokia handsets I've been using both MobileSpeak and Nokia Screen Reader (whitch is a lite version of MobileSpeak) and all apps created with Qt aren't accessible, i e the screen-reader cannot access the screens contents and tell me what's happening.
    Apps created with Avcon works fine but both Qt and QML is pushed as the prefered framework for developers when creating new apps and this pose a problem for us who must use a screen-reader.

    As I understand it the accessibility features aren't turned on in Qt for Symbian. Is it possible to:

    1. Let the screen-reader turn it on when it starts? This way there won't be any performance penalties for "normal" users.
    2. Make a configuration tool so that I as an user can turn it on.
    3. Make a special sis that contains Qt with the accessibility features turned on that can be installed either by the user or by the screen-reader if it isn't present.

    I'm also a software developer that purchased Carbide.c++ 1.2 and tried to get started with the development of some apps that I had ideas for some years ago but didn't really give it the time it needed to get it going. It was much much easier to create apps with QtCreator but they aren't accessible!

    Very greatful for any information.


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