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Cannot figure out QtMultimediaKit on Desktop

  • Hello,

    Can I utilize QtMultimediaKit in Desktop Windows and Mac configurations? I have just installed Qt from scratch and it still doesn't let me #include <QtMultimediaKit>. I want the video and audio functionality and this pack seems to have more much-needed low-level functions than Phonon.

    I've browsed through numerous threads where people can't get QtMultimediaKit to work on Desktop or QtQuick, but the solutions seem to be too vague to me. Appending QT, CONFIGURE and MOBILITY with certain parameters like 'mobility' or 'multimedia' do not seem to be of much help. Although I can then include <QtMultimediaKit/files>, I cannot gain access to many classes and it can't access libraries. I probably need to compile something?

  • Can I use QtMultimediaKit on Desktop at all?

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