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Impossible to use repaint() again

  • Hello everyone,

    i am quite new in Qt Developement and already have a problem:
    I have a MainWindow class #typical# which ownes a pointer on a another class - called Map.
    When pressing a QAction the old Map is deleted and a new is constructed. After that an algorithm generates an island and similar stuff. I use an dynamic two-dimensional array for that... after generating the Map should be shown. First I used about 940 QWidgets for that with different colours etc. That worked as often as i wanted.
    Now I wanted to start with painting. Therefore I call repaint()-method after Generate().
    First time it works fine #and fast what was the main reason for changing#.
    But when clicking again on QAction it doesn't work.
    Using comment out i found out that i can either call the repaint() or the Generate()-function. Generating is different from ctor..
    Does anybody know what i can do?

    MfG akonshi

  • To trigger your paint event just call update() on your custom widget.

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