Network: Connecting Client and Server on different machines

  • Hi there,

    I'm struggeling since days with a probably very simple problem. However I can't get my head around why the Qt Fortune Server/Client example is not working properly on two machines. If you run them on one machine everything is fine because QNetworkInterface::allAddresses gives the local available IP-addresses for both client and server. They are able to communicate (as far as I understood). But on different machines, even if I use in server->listen a hard-coded ip it is not working. I can ping my machines. Both are available in network. All share the same domain.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction or give me a hint where my basic error is located?

    Qt chat example is also not working.


  • welcome to devnet

    Apparently you have already thought of the different ip addresses. Is somewhere an interference of anti-virus program possible?

  • No there is no scanner installed as I run everything on Linux.
    What do you mean with different IP addresses? My understanding was, that I listen on a port of my machine and clients use the IP address of the server with the open port and connect to it.

  • That sounds right.
    I certainly had problems with my virus scanner (basically the firewall) blocking a connection. But that was Windows. I had a similar issue when operating Linux on both machines. I suspected also the firewall of Ubuntu playing a role. In order to move forward I reverted one machine and used Windows. Sorry, this won't help you.

  • You mean it could be an issue of the firewall?? Wow, I would have never thought about it. I'll give it a try.

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