Debugging using Qt Creator + MSVC 2010 Express SP1 (+ CMake)

  • Hi,

    I have, on Windows, set up Qt Creator to work with MSVC 2010 Express SP1. In order to be able to debug, I had (as mentioned somewhere on the Qt website) to install the Debugging Tools for Windows, and then make sure that CDB could be found by Qt Creator.

    All of the above works perfectly fine. If I build one of Qt's examples, I can step over/into/out of the code, set up breakpoints, etc. I (obviously?) can't step into Qt's code itself, since the symbols (PDB files) are not provided (I believe I would have to build Qt myself for that?).

    Now, my 'problem' is that I use the binary version of a third-party library. It was built using MSVC 2010 and comes as a DLL (but no PDB file, so as Qt itself) and it all works fine, except that I cannot debug any of my code which relies on that third-party library. Say that I set up a breakpoint in my code, then Qt Creator will never stop there. On the other hand, if I set up a breakpoint somewhere before that third-party library gets loaded, then Qt Creator will stop as expected.

    So... what am I missing, if anything?...

    Cheers, Alan.

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