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Project nearing completion. Docs... thinking about PDF. Any recommendations for OSX authoring software?

  • I've got about 100k of text, which I'd like to augment with images, etc. I've considered HTML, as I can hand-write that and pretty well, too (and may yet go that way), but PDF has some features that make it attractive. This is the time to decide, so...

    Doc authors, I'd like to hear from you: What do you prefer to use?

    Doc readers, you too.... PDF? HTML? What would you rather have around?


  • LaTeX can easily generate both as can doxygen. Are you talking about API docs or end-user docs?

  • Back in the day... I used Latex. For print. While I remember the exercise somewhat fondly, I'll not be going back there. It was like writing in assembler for documents.

    Doxygen is for documenting source, mainly, no? This isn't that. This is a user program, a software-defined radio application, for which the users definitely need a manual.

    I have about 100k of docs already written in text format. I'll be adding photos and animations to this. I'm thinking of a WYSIWYG OSX tool of some kind. The only reason I would hand-write HTML is because I know it (and css) inside and out, despite a profound wish that I could use that part of my brain for something else. I'm nearing 60, and I appreciate and lean towards tools that help me lift significant, detail-oriented parts of the load.

  • Wrote my own doc generator. Never mind.

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