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Test to symbian device

  • HI everyone,

    I try to compile a qt application that i created to symbian device option and got the following:

    “Starting application...
    Application running with pid 672.
    Process 672, thread 673 stopped at 0x78a12e7c: A data abort exception has occurred.

  • This can be caused by a number of reasons.

    It could be because of a bug of your in the application that crashes it.
    It could be because of the lack of some capabilities needed to your application.
    Also check that you have installed in the device all the necessary libraries needed to run Qt.

    Finally, if you use resources of any type get sure they are accessible.

    The best you could do is to start the application in debug mode. Go line by line, see where it crashes and also it will give you more debug data in the console output to narrow down the reasons.

    If you still can't find the reason, post here the console output of the debug mode.

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