Problem with itemAt function in repeater element

  • I have the following QML file:

    @import QtQuick 1.0

    (...) // non-relevant Code

    Repeater {
    id: livesRepeater
    model: 3

    Image {
    source: "images/love.png"
    height: parent.height
    width: height

    Behavior on opacity {
    NumberAnimation {
    duration: 250

    function fillLives() {
    for (var i=0; i<livesRepeater.count; i++) {
    livesRepeater.itemAt(i).opacity = 1

    And in the fillLives function, I'm getting the following error "TypeError: Result of expression 'livesRepeater.itemAt' [undefined] is not a function."

    However, this only happens when I test the app in Symbian^1 devices, in Symbian^3 works without problems.

    Anyone knows why? Is there some alternative to do it in Symbian^1?

  • Hi,

    "itemAt": was added in QtQuick 1.1 so it won't work on devices with Symbian^1 because the newest version of Qt libs possible to install on those devices is Qt 4.7.3 with QtQuick 1.0.

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