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Two instances of g++ delivered with Qt?

  • Hi -

    I just noticed that Creator is finding two instances of g++:

    • QtSDK\mingw\bin\mingw32-g++.exe
    • QtSDK\mingw\bin\g++.exe

    did it come this way? I just downloaded the "standard" version of Qt (didn't build it myself or anything).

    do I need both versions? (I like to keep things minimal)

    if I don't need both, what's the safe way to delete one of them?


  • Hi,

    Answer from "mingw faq": exaplains that quite well.
    [quote author="mingw faq" date="1334286019"]
    What's the difference between gcc and mingw32-gcc?
    The mingw32-gcc, mingw32-g++, etc. binaries exist as an aid to cross development. They are created in a typical build of gcc. They are therefore distributed as the maintainers of GCC meant them to be. The gcc.exe indicates that the binary produces binaries for a target equal to the build, while the mingw32-gcc binary produces binaries to be executed on the mingw32 target.

  • I need to return to this question, though it's been a few months.

    If I understand the explanation, when I'm using Qt to build an app for the same platform from which I'm running Qt, I want gcc.exe (or, presumably, g++.exe).

    If this assumption is correct, how do I tell my project that I want to choose g++.exe over mingw32-g++.exe? I suspect this is causing me some compile issues.

    Does the solution entail using the QMAKE_CXX variable in my .pro file?

    Thank you.

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