Getting dyld: libaray not loaded on a newly built app and associated lib.

  • Hi Folks;
    I am working on porting an app built on windows with VS2010 to Mac with Qt Creator. I am trying to get our base library to build correctly, to place the output libraries where i want them and to be able to access some of the functionality from a test app i have created.
    So far the library seems to build fine but it places the output files in the library project directory instead of the common build folders as listed below:
    Release:DLLDESTDIR = ../../../../build/bin/release
    Release:DESTDIR = ../../../../build/lib/release
    any idea why this would not work?

    That being said in the test project i have pointed to where the files are currently being generated. Everything compiles fine but when i go to run i get the error: "dyld: libaray not loaded: " libXXXXXX.1.dylib.
    I have libXXXXXX.dylib added under libs in the test project and i see the following files where built during compilation.
    libXXXXXX.1.0.dylib -->seems to be alias or shortcut
    libXXXXXX.1.dylib -->seems to be alias or shortcut
    libXXXXXX.dylib -->seems to be alias or shortcut

    what could be wrong?

  • You need to add the path to the dylib files to DYLD_LIBRARAY_PATH for the executabel to find them. Maybe the macdeployqt tool could be of help too.

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