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QtJambi 4.8 incl. Qt3D

  • I maintained the QtJambi wrapper to successfully work with Qt4.8 and Qt3D.
    Have a look on .

    The QtJambi makes following modules of Qt and Qt3D available in Java:

    • QtCore
    • QtGui
    • QtMultimedia
    • QtNetwork
    • QtOpenGL
    • QtScript —> import com.trolltech.qt.script.*;
    • QtScriptTools —> import com.trolltech.qt.scripttools.*;
    • QtSql
    • QtSvg
    • QtWebKit
    • QtXml
    • QtXmlPatterns
    • QtDeclarative —> import com.trolltech.qt.declarative.*;
    • QtHelp —> import*;
    • Phonon
    • Qt3D —> import com.trolltech.qt.qt3d.*;
    • Qt3DQuick —> import com.trolltech.qt.declarative.qt3d.*;

    I am strongly interested in comments on my changes and testers of the library, especially the new features (QtDeclarative, Qt3D).
    The repository’s description includes a workable description about how to generate the QtJambi wrapper on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Have a lot of fun!

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    Have you tested qt-declarative abbout how well it works? We have some work towards it but there is some major problems still, so it’d be really interesting if you got it work better :)

  • It would be nice to work towards getting these changes testable against the current master.

    Please update your projects merge-base as it is based on a version of the upstream project from Oct 2010.

  • @smar
    what problems did you have?
    I just tested to load QML scripts in a QGraphicsView in Java. It worked well, even with 3D Scenes.
    Tested on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. But indeed, there was a problem with the Webkit example, so to say: a webkit app in qml loaded via Java. Closing the app caused a segmentation fault.

  • I haven’t played with QML much, but with qt-script there is some problems with passing java objects to script and similar. AFAIK QML is built upon that, so I expect it to have exactly same problems.

  • have you thought about upstreaming your work to the qtjambi project? I hope the project is alive? There doesn't seam to be much activity lately :(

  • Hiya,

    We are trying our best being alive; what should we do in order to show it better to you? :) Releases are coming, slowly, but surely...

  • @Smar: okay good :) I haven't tried QtJambi yet but lately my interest into a Java-Qt binding has increased much so I tried to find out about progress but finding up2date information was pretty hard.

    Imho blogging more often would help to some part - especially about the "roadmap"
    maybe a post about "how to help" would also be good (simple junior tasks?)

    Are there any plans for Qt5 yet? What about the whole QtScript/V8 stuff?

    Maybe a "live ticker" of commits somewhere visible on the homepage to help show the project is alive.

    [edit:] and no the "Recent activity" link doesn't help that much because on gitorious the first repository visible is shown as unmaintained and if you scroll down to the list of recent activity there are 90% of activity of repo creation/deletion - which doesn't show coding progress :( So a commit tracker of qtjambi-community (that's the current head isn't it?) may be the right thing.

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