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Use Calligra utility to convert doc to ps or doc to pdf

  • Hi,

    I want to use the code of calligra to develop my own utility that would convert a doc to ps or a doc to pdf without installing Calligra on my machine.

    Can someone give me any idea on what filters or what files should I explore to do this.Any reference will also be helpful for me on this.
    Also please tell me the basic approach on how to proceed.


  • Calligra use a patched version from
    i found version wv && wv2 aka libwv2-4 to work on kde.
    Abisource use the first one wv.

    I slightly modified the latest libwv2-4 code to meet our need, to use on qt5.
    But on this time i dont have image or table support, on binary doc format..
    You can append this option from this binary doc escher ole format if you like to handle 200 variable from one simple paragraph..
    But i write from zero class to read docx odt rtf table image and so..

    The best hack ist to convert doc binary to odt openformat..

    My self wv2qt lib to read formatted tex..

    Method to convert document to html web target

    gif 1x1 pixel=

    <xsl:template match="fo:tab">
    <img data="render93" class="tab" width="33px" height="12px" alt="text:tab" />

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