Qt4iOS architecture error

  • Hi all I have one problem yesterday my Qt4iOS sdk was working perfectly. Today I have error coming out.
    That I don't have right architecture build in liqios.a

    So I have done everything from the beginning and still nothing.
    I have added patch and the new clang++ compiler and when I do @lipo -info filename@ I see arm7 but there is no i386 architecture.
    And when I look at lqtios.a it say arm7 and i386.

    I think this is the reason but I don't know how to make it work. I have done everything that is on PDFs and still getting the same warning.

    Can someone help me with this error.

    Thank you

  • Guys does anyone knows something?
    Please help I have tried to reinstall all and still nothing.

  • Dear,

    I suggest you contact Qt4iOS on twitter/facebook, he will properly be able to help you solving your issue, I have tested in sometime ago, and am going to test again sooner

    Good luck!

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