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QAxObject wrapping a IUIAutomation object

  • Hi all!

    I want to use QAxObject to wrap a IUIAutomation COM object. This first looked easy but the datatypes are currently causing problems. Some of the most common methods of that object use pointer-to-pointer parameters (as return values) like th following one:
    HRESULT FindFirst(
    [in] TreeScope scope,
    [in] IUIAutomationCondition *condition,
    [out, retval] IUIAutomationElement **found
    I would like to call that method (and other similar methods) using dynamicCall() but I found no way of passing that third parameter through QVariant. Also querySubObject() does not work since it only queries objects that are returned by return value, not by parameter.

    Does anyone know how to dynamicCall() such a method?

  • Please be sure and wrap code in @ tags! Thanks!

  • Ok. I will do so!

    An regarding the technical issue... no idea? Anyone? If this isn't possible I would be happy about a confirmation so I could write a suggestion.

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