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Trying to install Qt 4.8.1 binaries on MAC OS X 10.7 and confused

  • Hi all;
    I have a Qt application that was created on Windows using Visual Studio. I am now trying to port it over to the MAC OS. I have never used MAC before. Anyway i am trying to setup the development environment on the MAC so i grabbed the Qt 4.8.1 binaries for MAC and the Qt Creator 2.4.1 binaries for MAC on the Qt Download page. I ran the installer for Qt 4.8.1 and everything seemed to go ok. I then installed the Qt Creator binaries. When i finally figured out how to launch creator i went to Tool>External>Configure. This launched the preferences dialog. I then went to the "Build & Run" section and clicked the Qt Version tab. The 4.8.1 version was listed with a red circle with an exclamation mark in it. down the bottom of the dialog it said "No tool chain can produce code for this Qt Version. Pleas define one or more Tool Chains". i then went to the tool chains tab. sure enough there isn't anything listed. I have no idea where anything is located on this OS. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • Follow up-- The version of MAC i have is 10.7.3 and i just read an article that mentions that MAC no longer comes with GCC.

  • Hi! Mac Os changed from plain gcc to llvm-gcc and later clang. This does not seem to be your problem, though. Please check if you installed Xcode, or at least the Unix command line tools. The compiler is not installed by default, it comes with Xcode. So does make, and all the other tools.

    Some details are here:

  • Thanks Miroslav;
    I just recently figured that out and got the commandline tools installed. Once that was done Qt Creator recognized what it needed. All my pro's are out of date, we did most of our work in Visual Studio because we ran into problems with trying to debug with Qt Creator. Now i have to recreate everything o the Mac side.
    Thanks again for your answer.

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