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Qt Creator 2.4.1 - argument completion helper no longer working

  • I've been running into a series of issues with Qt Creator 2.4.1 since my hard disk had to be rebuilt. They've all been configuration type errors. This one I haven't been able to figure out.

    One of my favorite Qt Creator features is the tool tip that you get when you type that first open bracket for a function call that lists all of the arguments for that function (including its derived versions) ....especially for a Qt class. This is no longer working for me. I've checked and rechecked my TextEditor options and can't figure out what I've got screwed up.

    Currently I have my Tool->Options->Text Editor->Completion values set to: case-sensitivity = none; activate completion = Always; autocomplete common prefix = checked; Automatically insert matching characters = checked; surround text selections=checked; insert space after function name=unchecked

    {I don't know if these features are tied together or not, but there was a point (before version 2.3.1) I had a version of Qt built (but was still using the Ubuntu install of 4.6.2). This did not get reloaded on my system after the hard drive failed.}

    Any ideas on what I missed when I installed Qt Creator 2.4.1?


  • The best way to address issues like this is to "write a bug report": :-)

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